Thursday, September 01, 2005

For the Love of Neckties

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One of my favorite things is sewing with recycled or vintage fabrics, including neckties. I have been searching for this book, Ties, Ties, Ties, by Janet Elwin for quite awhile. Though it was only published in 1998, it is already out of print. I have seen it go for close to $100 on used book sites, but I was lucky enough to get this mint copy for $26 (plus shipping). There are a few other similar books on the market, but the only one currently in print is Daddy's Ties, by Shirley Botsford. Great for ideas, though. Laura Kluvo is also a great source, as she is kind about sharing her information, and has published several wonderful tutorials, including necktie daisies,necktie roses, corset belt, and necktie skirts (she makes two types). Her ideas are so inspirational, such as this christmas stocking, necktie strawberries, and a few types of purses :messenger, gypsy rose, school bag, one with a brooch clasp, and slouch. I am experimenting with several versions of purses myself, but am still in the trying out phase.

I should mention that is through Laura's inspiration and influence that I even started blogging. I found her on craftster, noticed she had a link to a blog, and my interest just snowballed after that. I have only been blogging since June, and already I have met so many interesting people, and have gotten an incredible amount of enjoyment from this venture. And to think I almost gave up when I couldn't figure out how to do the links at first!



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