Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tie Skirts

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Here is Janet Elwin's skirt. It's nice to get different ideas and different versions. You can leave the ties "as is", or open them up, or just use pieces...
You can stitch the regular way with a straight stitch and a seam from behind, or butt the fabrics together and zig-zag stitch. Ties are just a great source of fabric, and even ugly ties make for pretty (somehow) fabric choices.

One of my favorite skirts that Laura has done is one in all oranges. Also there's a fun "swishy" version, with the ties opened out



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a skirt like these..but it's long. My friends were in to sewing with ties and they had a *Tie Festival* out in the woods and sold all their goods made with ties..there was a big drum circle and all. it was fun :) There are SOO many ties you can do anything with them.

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