Monday, September 05, 2005

All that Glitters

My mom and I attended the San Diego Quilt show on Friday. I took more than a roll of film, so I will post pics later. What a great way to jolt oneself back into excitement after frustrating projects have brought me down a bit. There were vendors at the show, but one yarn vendor had me aaaaarrrrrggglllll (drooling like Homer Simpson). My mom had to drag me out of there. I mean, I don't even knit, but these yarns were sparkly and glittery and magical! They had examples of knit scarves with three funky yarns all intertwined. It was all amazing. I bought these fun yarns in gold--I mean look! It's like tinsel! You sew these atop a mylar base, and when they are all randomly blended, you put the lot into the bathtub, and the mylar melts away...leaving a shawl or a shrug that you can wear. I can't wait. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Billie said...

Wow, those yarns are beautiful. I can't wait until I see the finished item. I noticed you had a link to Melinda Lee, I listen to her just about every weekend. I was a loyal listener back in the days when she was with KNX before the Simpson trial, I'm so glad she's back

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