Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Art in San Diego (and a cute doggie)

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I watched an old video tonight of James Hubbell's art and architecture--one of my favorite inspirations, and I am fortunate enough to have him in my own home town. Here a photo of Duke in front of one of Hubbell's mosaics that is located at Shelter Island. I was searching the internet to remember the name of the piece, and came up with this information from The Log (a boating newspaper).

Pearl Of The Pacific:

A Lasting Symbol Of International Goodwill

Walk under the decorative archway at the tip of Shelter Island and into a space so soothing you’ll want to stay awhile. It is here where noted artist-designer James Hubbell and architectural students from around the world created the third pearl in a “necklace” of Pacific Rim parks. The effort commemorates the friendship and cultural links shared among our Pacific neighbors - Vladivostok, Russia; Tijuana, Mexico, and, Yantai, China.

The dramatic Pearl Fountain - a large sphere set into the ground - is the centerpiece of the small park. Circle the sphere and your feet will take you over the mosaic design of a compass rose, where each Pacific Rim neighbor is represented: To the north, Russia’s Siberian tiger; to the south, the Quetzacoatl (feathered serpent, god of the Aztecs). There are North American shorebirds to the east and a Chinese dragon to the west.

“It had to be on the waterfront,” says Patty Howell, president of the Pacific Rim Park organization. “It took a couple of years, but we eventually got the support of the Public Art Commission. Then we captured the fancy of the people of San Diego.” Financial contributions and aid in various forms added to the success of the Pearl “necklace.”

Dedication of the Pearl of the Pacific at Pacific Rim Park on Shelter Island took place on July 16, 1998. The pride of the project is its U.S. connection to Russia, Mexico, and China, without political overtones.


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WOW! I love James Hubbell's work especially his residences. I think living in one would be a spiritual experience. Definitely a talented guy!

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