Sunday, November 27, 2005

San Diego Art Festival

I played tourist again yesterday, and took the trolley down to the Convention Center to see the San Diego Art Festival. I miss the Harvest Festival. The Originals show doesn't have the same vibe, and this show is too high end. Still fun to go though. I ended up buying some products from the Lavender Fields (same place I posted about a few months ago) for friends (scone mix) and some lip balm and shea butter hand cream for my mom. I wish they had a pic on their site of the organza pillow sleeve that has multiple pockets filled with lavender. What a perfect gift! It rolls up and ties with a pretty ribbon for presentation, but the rolled out item can be slipped into one's pillowcase for aromatherapy-indused sleep. I love it!
Lavender Honey
Lavender honey.

I especially enjoyed Anett Schneider fashions. I wish her website had photos of her amazing knit sweaters in big thick varigated yarns and cast on big fat needles. So yummy!

There were $57 dog collars there embellished with enameled glass (or whatever that glass art is called that people make jewelry out of). Beautiful, but out of my price range.

tp holder
And this amazing surf-inspired furniture. This tp holder would have been a perfect gift for a couple of surfers I know. I'll have to get one for next year.

When I went to the Originals show recently, I also posted pics of a grafitti banner outside the Santa Fe train depot, and across from the Museum of Contemporary Art. I was surprised the banners were no longer present, and inquired about this at the museum. Evidently several were stolen, so the rest were removed. On the one hand, this is a compliment to the artist if someone felt they so coveted the work that they needed to possess these. On the other hand, it is a violation to the artist who could have sold the piece or displayed it for his own enjoyment. Grafitti really has come a long way though, hasn't it? Not just an eyesore anymore, but art that sells for thousands of dollars. Interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the lavendar honey sure caught my attention. I have been to similar shows & purchased champagne jelly - YUM!

Amy - I am not on my PC...

check out my post on fabrics styles - I hope to generate a bit on that one.... It is always of interst to me who likes what & why...

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wondered about those banners myself, as I work downtown.

And I bought some of that honey at Lavender Fields, too. It's absolutely divine on fresh baked biscuits!


9:03 AM  

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