Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just getting started on the swap

Just a quick note to touch base. I should be able to post my apron by Monday. Today after work I did a bit of thrifting, trying to find a few items for my Vintage Vixen Swap partner. I found some fabric scraps that aren't vintage but are so pretty it's hard to part with them. Just pieces, but she quilts, and they're in her chosen colors, so that should be useful. I have another fabric from a previous trip that I think I'll send too. I thought of washing them, but I think I'll just send them as is with the price tags (for thrifty fun), and she can care for them as she sees fit. I need to head back there again on Monday since I got there at closing today and there wasn't enough time to cruise. Have to have these in the mail by Tuesday, so I'm pushing it as usual. Wish I had time to craft something, but I'm just not a fast enough seamstress to pull off anything. I helped a coworker last week by stitching strips together for her for a quilt that was to be auctioned for a school event (she fused the top decoration, but I stitched the foundation piece). Just piecing wide strips took me nine hours! That's always the way with me. Oh well. I'll post a pic of the package of goodies before I mail it. I'd better get back to that apron now...


Blogger The Calico Cat said...

I saw a quilt this past weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show that made me think of you, I'll send you the .jpg.

6:12 AM  

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