Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I really want some of these magnetic birds that chirp when you take off paper clips (or straight pins).
Best price is at Doe.

My favorite limited edition flavor of ice cream is back--German Chocolate Cake. You know that yummy coconut-pecan frosting that's on German Chocolate Cake? Well, that's mixed into chocolate ice cream along with chocolate pieces and cake pieces. Orgasmic.

I'm obsessed with Zappos lately. I could spend a gazillion dollars on that site. How funny are these rooster sandals?!
Right now I want these.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Barb - I love you!!! J/K, but I saw these birds at a boutique once, and when I went back about a year later to get one as a gift for someone, they were gone. The store owner couldn't remember anything about them, and I tried in vain to look them up online, but I guess I never landed on the right word combo. Thank you sooo much for your super shopping sleuthing!

6:21 PM  
Anonymous danielle said...

Ok, I just resisted the articulated dog paper clip holder at Patina the other night ( http://www.patinastores.com/Products/Dog_Paperclip_Holder_055364.cfm ) -- how am I supposed to resist these also?

6:36 AM  
Blogger Pink Rocket said...

those birds are to cute!!! MUST have!

7:48 AM  
Anonymous vegasandvenice said...

Ooooh have you seen the Piyones Dustpans with the princesses? My favourite is the orange, but I totally love these birds!!

9:57 AM  
Blogger Saltygal said...

I have one of those little birdies and i love it . Mine came from paper source a year ago Christmas and t's still going strong. I didn't know they came in so many colors . I may have to get a mate for mine.

7:21 PM  
Blogger kan said...

Cute little guys!

5:52 AM  

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