Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sewing with Towels

Terry Play Suit

"Matching Stole" hahahahahaha
Boy you'd be high stylin' in that get up. This is from a booklet by Cannon Mills, "Make it with Towels". I saw this booklet posted on Craftster forever ago, and finally found it on ebay. I love ebay's feature of being notified when something you're seeking is available.

I love this hippo that Hillary posted on her new blog. I have a love affair with towels. For me, they're right up there with neckties regarding fun to craft material. I have some booklets for making animals with towels, but I hadn't thought of using printed ones! Hello! So this sparks a whole new resurgence of interest for me.

I have five patterns posted on Flickr of clothing made from towels. See it here, along with the rest of the towel booklet.


Anonymous Aubrey said...

What a strange, flat bra. Designers sometimes ask just too much of us.

But I do like the terry stole...AND the model's haircut.

12:31 AM  
Blogger kt said...

Ok, there is just SO MUCH to love in this pattern illustration....

The "MC" this a pre-cursor of all the biggie rap stars of today? Is she M.C. Terry?

The bra...perhaps there'd be a use in the maternity world...I know I could've used a terrycloth bra when I was nursing...

And what about the forgotten fingertip towels? Why have they not been put to use? How about a pair of fingertip flip-flops?

Thanks for letting me run off like that...and for sharing!

10:59 PM  

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