Thursday, December 28, 2006

Vintage Dolls of Nations Quilt Pattern

Dolls of Nations Quilt Pattern
I love this pattern, which is ironic, because I'm not much of a doll person. But I love the idea of world costumes and traditions.
It is a mail order quilt pattern from the 70's (I think).

I remember sending for this through the mail from an ad in Parade Magazine (the newspaper supplement). It is a set of transfers of children from different nations--meaning in their traditional dress.
The outlines are supposed to be embroidered in floss, then colored in with fabric crayons. I wish it had included a color photo for reference.

The layout is bizarre, considering the interesting and odd choice of nations.
For instance, where's England? I mean, they could have used the Queen's guard uniform, you know?
Notice it is all countries, then included is American Indian, Alaska, and Hawaii.
Dolls of Nations quilt layout

Here is the child representing China. (click on image to enlarge)
Dolls of Nations China

Dolls of Nations:  Russia
And Russia--so different from what we call Russia today. This was when Boris and Natasha were evil, and Maxwell Smart was battling the KGB.
My gosh times have changed. This is pre the USSR. Pre all the countries that area makes up today.

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Blogger The Calico Cat said...

very nice! I am in love with the whole thing....

3:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a Great pattern!

Have a Happy New Year. :}

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