Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I heart Kinder-eggs

It seems appropriate, this close to Valentine's Day, to talk about things I heart.

Kinder-eggs are hollow egg-shaped milk chocolate with a surprise toy inside. They are most popular in Germany, but are produced in several countries.

The paranoids in the US have banned the chocolates in this country, lest kids choke on the toys (that are housed in big freaking plastic for God's sake!).

I'm close to the Mexican border, so I can buy the candy there, or occasionally I find it in little mom and pop places that don't know it's illegal.

It is so much fun seeing what toy you get inside.
My favorite was a little wave and palm tree that my ex-boyfriend hopefully still has in his bathroom.
This is a Wile E. Coyote-type character, riding his motorcycle. The wheels really work. So so fun.
I say BAH! to the de-cluttering people. Little goodies like this around me just make me smile all day.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up in Germany devouring these things. I didn't realize we couldn't get them here because they've been banned. Bah! I say. Fortunately, the sister-program to the one I work for purchases them for the German classes they work with, so we do occasionally get to have some.

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have stopped by your blog several times in the past year. I usually look at crafty/thrifty sites while I sit with my morning tea waiting for my dog to wake up for her morning walk (she's a sweet and sleepy little black lab). I found that rather than visit around a hundred sites I have slowly narrowed it down to a smaller number that I visit more often. Yours is one I have begun to see quite frequently, and as a result of your wonderful ability to share your creative joy and personal path with others, I have begun to feel right at home here in the morning. I felt it was quite certainly time I introduced myself, being that you are now a regular visitor in my home!
I am on the ocean, too, on the opposite coast. I do not have a blog, but I have been inspired by you to assemble and collect old photos from family members that may otherwise be lost for lack of interest or the idea that no one cared any more. What treasures are out there! The result has given me a hugely rewarding project and now I also thinking about doing some geneology research.
This is really a thank you note, to let you know that my life has been enriched by your writings. Thank you. Martha in Massachusetts

6:07 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I had no idea they were banned here in the US. I see them at the commissary and BX of the military base where my DH works. Since so many service people have spent time in Germany and acquired a taste for German goodies, they stock all kinds of stuff, at Christmastime especially. I just saw Kinder Eggs with the Valentine stuff the other day, in fact!

7:38 AM  
Blogger Vallen said...

Would you come and say "Bah" to my clutter please. I'm with you on having lots of cool stuff around but it's taking over.

9:30 AM  
Blogger woof nanny said...

Thank you, everyone, for your comments! For some reason, blogger doesn't give me your email addresses when they notify me that I have a comment. What I'd like to do is send you a personal note back, but I'm not able to do that. Sometimes I can link to your blog and am able.
Martha: nice to meet you! Thank you so much for the kind words. Sincerely, they mean more than you know. And I'm so glad I've made an impact too. Wow.
Danielle, Heidi, and Vallen: thank you for your continued support. Believe me...I notice. Even if I don't always comment personally, I totally appreciate you reading my blog.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KinderEggs are illegal in the U.S.?? We have them in France though, so if you ever need any, just let me know! I don't like the chocolate itself (too sugary) but those little toys are fun :o) My son loves Kinder eggs

3:10 PM  

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