Saturday, March 10, 2007


Whew! My mom and I made it through all 18 quilt shops this week.
It was fun--it's so interesting that each shop carries different brands and designs of fabric. That makes it so much more inspiring.

Our bank accounts are a bit lighter, but it was oh so worth it.
I sure hope we win one of the prizes!!!

I took a couple photos, but for now I just want to share this comic that made me laugh out loud in store. Thank you to the nice man at Quilter's Paradise in Escondido that made a copy for me.
Fabric funny



Anonymous Anonymous said...

nidbnfbThanks for the laugh! It just went straight to the truth, didn't it? But if the roles were reversed, I'd be bemoaning MY final resting place as the music store, so my purchases usually don't draw too much complaint.....

Martha in Massachusetts

6:33 AM  

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