Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Goodness abounds despite Blogger woes

Hmmm, maybe blogger was having a glitch yesterday, because posting wasn't as difficult today. Another blogger told me they flagged her account yesterday, and today all was well again.

So who knows...
Then again, this post should have taken about five minutes to create.
It took over half an hour.
I had similar troubles when I used to post my photos using Picassa (also a google product) and they "upgraded".
I switched to Flickr and it was good all around.
I fear Typepad may cause just as many delays, but now more than ever I'm thinking I may have to consider this avenue.

Anyway, other than blogger, the universe seems to be blessing me lately
(could it be all those multiple viewings of The Secret? Hmmm...)

First I sent a copy of one of my booklets to someone (her request), and in return (though nothing was expected other than thanks) she sent me a card with $5 in it.

Then I lent someone one of my patterns, and in return she too sent an adorable "Thank you Sew Much" card with $5 in it.

Then I sent a copy of the first page of instructions of one of my patterns to someone who had lost hers, and she sent a nice card with $7 in it.

I'm kind of liking this pattern here.
Actually, I'm teasing. I was blown away by the thoughtfulness.
I would link these nice ladies' blogs, except none of them have blogs to credit.

And THEN, Heidi (aka Spiritual Knitter) out of the kindness of her heart sent me this adorable strawberry fabric after I mentioned recently that I want to make a quilt in strawberry themed fabrics.

And she also sent one of her adorable felted flower pins (she sells these in her Etsy shop). These are felted from recycled sweaters--I love that idea.I either have to make a bag to put this on, or it would look super cute on the lapel of a blazer!

Thank you everyone!!!



Blogger Jennifer W. said...

You deserve all that and more!

1:50 AM  

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