Saturday, March 22, 2008


I got up early today and went garage sale'ing.
It's Easter weekend, so there were slim pickings, but I was in the mood.
I circled about six addresses close to my mom's house, and headed first to the one that said 'yard art'.

I didn't make it to any other sales.

I don't have a digital camera, but take my word for it, they had some amazing stuff.
I spent $97, which is a whole lot of money for me, but I got a lot of good stuff.

The place was down a hill in a cul-de-sac off the main road, a really cute little area with just three houses.
The couple was super friendly, and gave me a tour of their home.
He had been a high school wood shop teacher, so the entire interior was detailed in wood and stained glass.
Cabinetry, paneling, details everywhere.
I just oohed and awed and was blown away.

They have collected grandfather clocks and statuary for several years, so the home was filled with intricately detailed bronzes and other items, down to a suit of armor and the mermaid off the bow of a ship!
The clocks had tiny carved figures all over them--it was like walking through a museum.

They had bronze tortoise for sale, a bronze elephant, a vintage barber chair...

I saw their black and white persian from afar and thought is was a Shihtzu.
She said everyone thinks their huge cat is a dog.
I love huge cats.

The man called the home his Winchester Mystery House, because he was forever adding to it.
They are moving because some foul neighbors spoiled the fun.

Anyway, here's what I got for my garden:
Huge concrete giraffe $10
resin kitty $3
ceramic parrot $2
2 ceramic chickens for my SIL $3
small turtle pot with plant $2
rusted metal side of a Sewing Machine that says Singer, $5
Head and footboard of a metal bed (I'll use it as a trellis, though it's tempting to use it for its intended purpose) $10
Concrete birdbath (the base in in the whimsical shape of a squirrel climbing a log. I had initially chosen a smaller one that looked like stacked rocks, but I had to go with the whimsy) $30
Dove statue for center of birdbath $2
large metal tiered plant stand $10
2 terra cotta shallow planters with plants (but I'm going to use them for herb bowls) $20

Man that was fun!



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