Monday, April 21, 2008

Dog Days

I love being a pet sitter.
Usually I just watch dogs, but sometimes it's also cats (once in awhile I get a rat, hermit crabs, a turtle...).
I take lots of trips to the beach, and I'm surrounded daily by smiling doggie faces.
Dogs are all about sleeping, eating, and playing--a pretty good take on life, I say.

Some of my clients:
(these are all cell phone pics
click on the images to enlarge if you want to)

Rudy and Mandy
Mandy is his grandma.
Rudy and Mandy

Part Ibithan Hound, part Great Dane.
The cuteness factor is off the scale!

Hey, where am I gonna sleep?
I had to share sleeping arrangements with three black labs and a beagle.
My pleasure.
Hey, where am I gonna sleep?

A German Shepard mix who is smart as smart can be.
She's a character.

Looking out the window of the vet's office while we waited our turn.
He doesn't like a lot of people, but he dances when he sees me.

And I have the most pictures of Duke because I watch him more often than any other.
Too, he's just so cute (duh).
Duke, Itchy, and Scratchy sleeping on the sofa
Puppy and kitties on the sofa

Swimming with Duke in the family pool (I love this photo!)
Swimming with Duke

Fiesta Island
Duke at Fiesta Island

Dog Beach, Del Mar
Duke at Dog Beach, Del Mar

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Blogger Pattie - Chicagoland, IL said...

Besides the perk of being with your beloved dogs, looks like you are lucky enough to spend time at some very lovely places. Good for you!

10:00 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Catching up on everybody.... have to say, Ronnie looks like a blast! Cool pics of woman's best friend....

10:26 PM  

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