Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Drapes!

I bought draperies for my bedroom yesterday.
This is really a big deal for me because I don't often make purchases this large (a couple of hundred dollars), and I've never bought any kind of window treatments before, so it's exciting for me.

I wanted to take advantage of Columbus Day sales, so I headed over to Joann's and considered this gorgeous lemongrass-colored silk.
The lovliness doesn't really come across on the scan--the sheen, the cripness...

After 50% off, it was $12 per yard.
That was do-able (I needed 10-1/2 yards for a sliding glass door and a small window), but I figured I'd go back to Home Fabrics and see what they might say.
I'd rather support Home Fabrics anyway.
Joann's, especially this particular location, is scattered brained.
Just to get a 1/4 yard sample took over an hour.
It was ridiculous.
I'm not fond of the changes made to the layout of the interior either.

Anyway, the assistant manager, Jake, at Home Fabrics in La Mesa was so incredibly helpful.
For less money than any other place I checked, I got drapery rods, a lightweight fabric to sew into sheers, and pre-made panels in a simple neutral (whew, that saved me some serious time--I had planned to sew my own tab-style panels, but these are fine. And easier).
My God, the sheer fabric was only $3.99 per yard!

Jake helped with color choice, with telling me what hardware I needed, how to sew the sheers (they have how-to leaflets they give to customers at no charge), how long and full the drapes should hang, and honest-to-goodness customer service.
I would not have even gotten close to that at Joann's.

When I showed Jake my bedding colors and paint swatches, he stood back and said, "that's a whole lotta green".
Hmmm. I guess I had better break it up a bit and bring in one of the neutrals.
A beige/yellow was perfect.
Jake said it should feel "aaaahhhh".

(note whatever that spot is on the corner was on my scanner and not the curtain itself).
The beige fabric has what Jake called a "slug" slub (thanks kt), meaning lines of texture--kind-of a faux silk look.
Granted these are both polyester (eeww), but it really is a lot more practical.
Poly can be washed, it isn't as wrinkle prone as linen or cotton, and it doesn't absolutely have to be dry cleaned like silk.
This fabric is also light and simple to match the room, versus something heavy or overly dramatic.

I found a mosaic'ed shell rod at a thrift store--I thought this was a fun find for $6.50.
I purchased the other three rods to match the nickel finish (a simple metallic ball finial on the longer rod will be fine).

Home Fabrics was having a sale too, but in typical Barb fashion, every item I chose was full price.
But their prices really are amazing (geez, I sound like an advertisement. Like I said, I'm just kind-of excited).
I guess I'm excited because the project is all mine.
My space, my stuff, my research...

I got out to my car, reviewed the receipt, and realized the cashier had forgotten to charge me for the long rod ($24.95).
I wish I could tell you I didn't hesitate, but a small flick in my brain wanted to take the value and run...
but I pulled the good karma and went back inside to pay for it.
I had to.

Of course I'll blog completed pics when I finish the room (which will hopefully be soon).



Blogger The Tattered Rose said...

Your new drapes, and your new hair are lovely! Do you work with women? Maybe they were just too jealous to say anything. Cheers, Trish G. p.s. if you work with men, they may not notice - ever! I know from experience that they have trouble noticing when their wives have a new do!

3:49 PM  
Blogger Recupefashion said...

Good for you, I don't usually buy new drapes either but funny thing is I just did too, they were also on sale so I got them for really cheap.. My husband doesn't think we need drapes so he hates spendings for that kind of things.

7:34 PM  
Blogger kt said...

It's a slub with a "B"! (All the slugs are up here in my yard)

Nice drapes, and have fun with the redecorating! It's all coming together so nicely!

8:20 PM  
Blogger Gina E. said...

If ever you get to Australia, you can earn a living making curtains, starting with me! Ours have been here since the house was built 35 years ago. We can't afford to have new ones made, and I can't be bothered trying to make new ones.
Off topic now - our Bantams have just hatched two dear little chicks! Go visit my blog http://patrasotherplace.blogspot.com/for a look - you'll love 'em!

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the final pics Barbara. I'm sure the room will look fabulous when you finish.

8:08 AM  

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