Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's a girl gotta do?

You know that really uplifting, bright feeling you get when you wear new lingerie?
Or a new shirt?
Or new make-up?
Well, yesterday I went back to work after taking off a week.
I wore a brand new shirt, brand new boy-short panties (hello, under my jeans), and my new six-inch (plus) shorter hair, washed with my new top-of-the-line hair products, blow-dried (something I usually don't do), and straightened with big rollers since I don't yet own a flat iron.

Not one person noticed.
Not one.

Now don't get all psycho-babble on me and tell me I don't need to base my worth by the acknowledgement of others, blah blah blah.
I mean, it's nice to hear comments, okay?

On other news, I left my brand new frickin' phone at the beach the other day (actually, it fell out of my bag), so a new one is en route by mail.
Luckily the salesman made an error and signed me up for insurance, so it only set me back 5o bucks.
But 50 bucks is 50 bucks, and that kinda sucked.

The winds are starting up here.
It is a bit cooler right now, but the heat is expected to return next week.
I used to love that dry heat, but now I know wind+heat=fire, and after last year's too-close-for-comfort, I'm a bit more nervous than usual.
The electric company is now turning off lines in rural areas, however, as those lines that were whipped about in the wind were evidently the cause of several fires last year.

Today I finished painting a thrifted plant stand (always several projects afoot at once), and will have pics up soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

All it says Barb is that most people are self-absorbed...the hair especially should have tipped them off to the new you. And the new lingerie always reflects through the eyes ;-)

5:12 PM  
Blogger Queenly Things said...

People are, without one doubt, unobservant. They just are. They miss so much!! It's how politicains and other wily folk get away with so many shenanigans.
I want to see your hair!!! Pics please.

11:00 AM  

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