Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just a quick hello.
No fun photos or inspirational comments...just hello.

I have a week off, spending time in Clairemont in one of my favorite houses with one of my favorite dogs.
The house could only be more dream-house were it sited near an ocean view.
Someday, perhaps I'll call something like this my own.

I am recooperating nicely after dental surgery yesterday.
The doctor wasn't able to do as many procedures as had been planned, since I exhibited what he called "dramatic" bleeding.
He asked me if I had hemophilia!
I'm visiting a new medical doctor next week to investigate.
But in the meantime, no bleeding episodes, no pain, no need for the prescription of Vicodin.

The Air Show is going on this week at Miramar (the Naval Air Station), and even here the military planes are flying overhead, their engines a huge WHOOSH as they sweep by.
It's exciting, and fills me with pride.
The one good thing that came out of 911 is a renewed pride in our military, and a reminder that these guys kick some serious ass.

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