Monday, September 29, 2008


This morning I was awakened by a very unusual sound--


I wish I could plug in sound effects here, but imagine the sound a cartoon character makes when they're head goes back and forth quickly and they say..."huh?" "Whaaat?"
Yeah, that was me.

You see, I have been intending to paint.
I meant to get to it by now, but by the time I get off work, I'm beat.
Run a few errands or something, and the day is already shot.
Yesterday I did a quick stop at the Pacific Island Festival, and after a lot of walking in the sun, it was dinner and call it a night.

But I had all my stuff sitting outside.
Neckties, boxes of collage materials (you know...PAPER), sewing patterns, CD's...
I ran out and started tossing boxes in the house.
Oh my...
I think most of the stuff is okay, but I'm afraid to look at the collage stuff.
My room has a sliding door out to a small pool, so I thought it was a good place to stage stuff until everything was all done.

I picked out the colors I want to use from the Harmony line of Sherwin-Williams paint--a low VOC paint called "green care", but I've hesitated on buying because I can't find the $10 off coupon that is good until Wednesday.

Note, my colors are rice paddyand parakeet.
Rice paddy is a great neutral, because in some light it looks pale green, and it others it's almost a taupe.

Now the problem is that I have gum surgery on Wednesday, so I probably won't be up for working in there.
Too, I intend to put a new floor in also.
I hope the rain stays away for awhile. I just need a few more weeks with clear skies.



Blogger Queenly Things said...

And we're supposed to get that rain this Friday or Saturday. I hope all your stuff is in okay shape. I'm with you on the "get home from work, change clothes, make dinner, get things ready for the next day and I'm done" state of being. It's hard to muster up the energy.

7:48 AM  

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