Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm really pissy lately

Recently, I've been helping out in the cash vault at my work.
It's a nice change for me, the time zooms by, I work alone and can listen to the radio, and it's easier on the body.
I usually work six-hour shifts, but how late I work depends on how busy the store is, how many cash and check drops come in, if I make a mistake inputing, etc.

Okay, so California law requires that I take a 30 minute lunch.
This really bites in my situation, because if I get out of work on time, I make six hours pay.
If I take a lunch, I only get paid 5-1/2.
I want to just take some snack in the vault and munch as I work.
Nine times out of ten, it makes more sense for me to work through lunch even if I clock out, because I'll just be 30 minutes behind later, and there's a cut-off time to being allowed inside the vault.

So tonight I got involved in finishing up checks and finding a missing till, and forgot to sign out until after six hours.
So I'll end up getting a written reprimand, the second one this week alone.
Theoretically, I could lose my job if this continues.

All these laws are just so stupid.
For more than 20 years I worked six hour shifts with two breaks, and it was great. Now if any shift goes over five hours, we're required to take a lunch.
I understand that the employees regularly screwed out of regular breaks by their asshat employers are in need of intervention, but I work a union job and get a break every two hours.
So this really sucks for me.

There really should be a waiver for this kind of thing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barb, I don't think this makes you "pissy". It just means you notice how the rules are screwing you around.

2:38 PM  

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