Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vintage Thanksgiving

More of my vintage postcard collection:
Thanksgiving represents not only being grateful for our fortunate circumstances, but also a hope for continued fruitfulness.
Fruit, therefore, is an appropriate symbol of abundance.

A turkey and strawberries, 1910.
Vintage Thanksgiving postcard Turkey with strawberries

Embossed and tinted cherries
Vintage Thanksgiving postcard Embossed Cherries

Angel in a chef's hat, 1910.
Feast and flowers.
Flowers represent religious significance (thanks to God and the harvest), joy, ceremony, and so much more.
Vintage Thanksgiving postcard Embossed Angel Chef

Gathering, and harvest, 1910.
Maize, in addition to representing an element of the first Thanksgiving, symbolizes fertility.
The edges are gilded, the image is embossed.
Vintage Thanksgiving postcard
As an aside, the best part of this card is the letter on the back.
It is from Viola to Paul. The first sentence, "I guess you think I am dead..."

A lot of collectible postcards are patriotic
(this one was mailed in 1907).
Vintage Thanksgiving postcard
This one also symbolizes bounty and fruitfulness and plenty, right down to (I surmise) the phallic placement of the turkey head.
I've always been fascinated with symbolism, so immediately when I saw this card, what came to mind for me is a tarot card, The Sun (Ryder-Waite deck)
The card represents accomplishment, renewal, and hope.

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...and you seem 'up' on various tarot decks! I've been reading numerous books on tarot, but still undecided as to which deck I want to invest in - any ideas??

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