Friday, December 10, 2010

Time Frame

I made this frame several years ago, but I just pulled it out of storage.

Collaged around the frame are little mementos and trinkets from childhood.
The memorabilia surround a photo of me as a child, playing with my Mickey Mouse puppet, toy telephone and kaleidoscope.

I think this is such a fun time capsule, and it's a great way to showcase little toys and items that might just be collecting dust in a drawer (or worse, thrown away).
I mean, this would be a fun way to celebrate every year of a child's life--from McDonald's Happy Meal toys, to ticket stubs, to photobooth strips, to party favors.
It's a great way to use broken toy parts, game pieces, doll parts, beads, buttons, rocks, coins, and little pieces of jewelry.
You could incorporate stickers, bottle caps, labels, stamps, or whatever else might be of significance throughout the year.
This might make gifts for Grandma, or Mother's/Father's Day.
Really, it just gets better with time.

It's best to use a frame with a flat surface, and to use a glue that dries clear (inexpensive frames from Ikea are perfect for this).
Grouting is not necessary--just pile up all the trinkets and overlap at places.
You can hang some items off the edge for effect (like these diary keys).

On my frame, there are game pieces from a vintage Monopoly game (the thimble, race car, and canon), a Goofy-shaped eraser, disco ring, miscellaneous jewelry (including parts of old charm bracelets), and plastic cat off a wine bottle
More jewelry (mostly pins), and Blue Chip Stamps!
Barbie rollerskate, Smokey button, Susan B. Anthony dollar, jack toy, Scottie and shoe Monopoly pieces, shell from clam that used to be in my acquarium

Pin from Nixon's campaign for President, wing pins that the airlines used to give to kids, and a Weiner Whistle!

This project is similar to the Memory Jugs I posted about previously (in fact I mentioned this frame in that post).

This is also a great project for adults--you could make themed gifts.
For example, a wedding gift with trinkets that symbolize the couple's years together.
Or a vintage design with cat eye glasses, kitschy figurines, etc.
Maybe a Christmas frame.
You can commemorate a vacation (shells, sea glass, sand, matchbook covers)

You could make a large scale collage around a mirror with larger items like a doll head, parts of mugs or teacups, and larger collectibles (or parts of).
There are tons of possibilities.

Other collage materials to consider: (similar to items you would use on an art collage, but try to aim for date specific items...think in terms of capturing a moment)
wine cork
keys (especially skeleton keys)
chess pieces
collectible spoons
concert tickets
dice, marbles
tarot or loteria cards
fair ribbons, parts of trophies
rhinestones, faux jewels
doll arms or head
broken pieces of plates, tiles, teacup handle
toy parts (steering wheel, tire, gears)
foreign coins
scrabble tiles
old typewriter or computer keys
swizzle sticks
"I Voted" sticker
part of Halloween costume (eyepatch, earring, etc)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea.

3:29 PM  
Blogger Thriftin' Gal @ Junk In My Trunk said...

This is awesome! I love all the little trinkets you have put on the frame!

11:25 AM  

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