Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gift ideas!

Well, 'tis the season.
Time to start getting ideas for Christmas presents.
Too soon, you say?
No way!
I mean, put some thought into it!
No running around at the last minute getting useless crap--think of the recipient, and what they love, and who they are...and pick out something special.

Need ideas?

Well, first get your surroundings all fa-la-la.
Nothing says festive like twinkly lights.
Decorate inside your home with lighted winter branches from Gardener's Supply (they also have lighted pussy willows.

Absolutely adorable Barbie stiletto shoe necklace from the Etsy shop House of Magenta Tarantula.
There are so many great gift items on Etsy

Note cards featuring vintage photos that include pitbulls, these cards the support the amazing Animal Farm Foundation.
They also have tee shirts, or this cute necklace with a silver pitbull-shaped charm.Or just send them a donation because they're helping to rehabilitate dogs that have been in abused situations (like Michael Vick's fighting ring)--this organization deserves your support.

I'm a big fan of themed gift baskets.
For the baker on your list, a bowl with ingredients for cookies, and accessories to make the recipe is a fun gift.
Pier One Imports has an assortment of unique measuring cups (I like the cherries one), like these elephantsPier One has other fun kitchen gadgets, like these Ladybug measuring spoons

I'm not normally a fan of packaged food, but The Waffle Lady is an exception.You can buy from the website (lots of yummy flavors), or some stores carry this product also.
Honestly, the price is worth it.
Besides, the box makes a lot of pancakes--I freeze in individual portions and take them to work for breakfast.
If you live in San Diego, Keils market carries this brand.
And for gift basket goodies, the Costco Delivery in Kearny Mesa (off Convoy, where the old Home Depot Expo used to be) has a fun selection of baking gadgets.

For the women in your life who wear high-heels and may want to take a load off at the end of the day, how about Flexi-Flats--a "compact go anywhere flat".These easily fold up into a little pouch that you can carry in your purse.
(I have to note that Metro Magazine called this idea out as a fashion accessory that shouldn't exist, but I think they'd make a great stocking stuffer. The writer of Metro Magazine obviously doesn't have any foot problems if she thinks women walking home barefoot after a night on the town are wimpy).
Lots of brands of these out all at once, but I also like Spare Pear.

My new (well, new to me) favorite product is coconut oil from Tropical Traditions.
It's a much more healthy alternative to vegetable oil for cooking, but it also makes an amazing treatment for your hair.
The site also sells wonderful soap, lotion, and other items.

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Blogger kt said...

Hey, my boss did some research when her Dad was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and found out that coconut oil is a "superfood". It supposedly has many of the same type of health benefits that mother's milk contains. She swears by it for helping with dry skin--eats some daily and also applies externally.

The elephant measuring cups....DO WANT!

My word verification is "traffe"--that's the opposite of Kosher (but with an added "F")!

10:44 PM  
Anonymous One Second Needle said...

Thanks for this post listing some gift ideas. I really like the ladybug measuring pieces.

8:30 AM  

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