Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've always wanted to attend the annual Festa downtown in Little Italy, and today I had the opportunity.

Kids must have "decorated" the street today before the crowds arrived.
A lot of people were just walking over the mini masterpieces, not noticing, but I thought it was fun to acknowledge the doodles and scribbles

I've been to other events in Little Italy, and those were actually even more romantic because they featured opera-singing waiters.
The singing was sadly absent today, but the Festa does feature several bands, a show of luxury Italian cars, vendors, and lots of food.
The show stoppers, however, are the artistic entries in the chalk drawing competition--all voted on by the public, and vying for cash prizes.
The sidewalk or street chalk drawings are Gesso Italiano.

The art featured homage to Italian masters in painting and other arts, but also to this year's sponsor: Fiat


My favorite drawing was a tribute to Caravaggio.
My photos don't do the drawing justice--the detail and realism was amazing

Awesome mermaid balloon sculpture

Lots of scooters, and this pristine vintage Corvair

I love the juxtaposition of old against new (the whales painting is by Wyland)

A mosaic on a column

Birds on a wire (photo taken through the window of the Trolley)

My favorite moment of the day: watching an elderly couple dance, alone in a small plaza, to a smiling man playing an accordian.

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