Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bedroom corners

Interior Design isn't fluff--your home really needs to be your sanctuary.
And that means surrounding yourself with colors and art and items that scream who you are.
Forget trends in style or what some 'expert' deems appropriate.
I used to date a contractor, and he had clients who filled their homes with the latest imported whims...but why?
Just because something is currently trendy doesn't mean it's applicable to you or what you love.

I admire minimalist design, but I could never live in it.
It's often beautiful, but I personally find whimsy and a bit of clutter holds more character.
That's just me.
My own style is sort-of Shabby Chic and Romantic Home magazine combined with an artist's studio.
Maybe cottage style at the beach.
I like making little vignettes.

I figured I'd share a couple corners of my bedroom, just for fun.
Just because they make me smile.
Yeah, they're probably an interior designer's nightmare.
So what.

I bought the mirror at a thrift store, intending to mosaic it, but the color was such a good match to the dresser, it looks like they belong together.
Encaustic crow atop mirror is by Jennifer Conway.
Vintage tiered metal basket displaying a collection of vintage seed bracelets.
The dresser is covered with a scarf I bought at H&M that happened to be the perfect colors of my room.
One of my favorite books, The Tarot Garden, features the art of Niki de Saint Phalle.
Fun, whimsical.
Wire man made by a guy I sat next to in sculpture class (I wish I had kept more of the items he left behind).
I made the flapper potholder.
Joy angel a gift from Mary Ann.
Top tier holds the card Jen made, and a magnet I love
The chihuahua statue is a like a Magic 8 Ball!An interior designer would say there's too much clutter, and it's too juvenile.
I say if it fuels my inspiration, then it stays.

Vintage enamel bowl by Catherine Holm.
Architectural book in Spanish. Cookbook by Tessa Kiros.
Sparkly candle from Indiana--a gift from my friend Michelle, to have something beautiful in my room.
One of the several metal banana leaf-shaped trays that I collect.
The bracelet is blown glass.

Anthropologie cabinet from a garage sale, over a smaller dresser, featuring some of my collection of seagull items.
Note the 'B' that I posted about yesterday.

Along with two saints ;)

Vintage photographs,
handmade ceramic seagull planter (ebay purchase),
and blue bird vase/planter by Haeger.

Sculpture/fountain of Saint Francis of Assisi.
The metal seagull was a hood ornament (I'm told).
Vintage postcard from Folies Bergere, with a woman dressed as a mermaid.
Vintage books, including Rebecca (still on my "to read" list), and Aunt Jane of Kentucky.

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Blogger svelteSTUFF said...

I think the only thing that is TOO MUCH is that HAEGER piece!! You should purge that one immediately by putting it in the mail and shipping it directly to me ;).

LOVE all of your vignettes! If YOU love it, then no person can say it is in 'bad' taste!!

5:57 PM  

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