Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ooh, sandcastle cake!

First off, thanks to all the kind comments I've received. I wasn't trying to solicit compliments, really I wasn't...I was just trying to say I wish more people had Patricia's management style. Like I said in one of my replies, everyone has selective buttons to push--we are all motivated in different ways. Criticism, sarcasm, challenges, and...what works for me is support, understanding, and pats on the back.

I was browsing my cookbooks and came across this cute 'cake' that I thought I'd share.
sandcastle cake

I didn't make this. Not yet anyway.
This is from Susan Purdy's The Family Baker. Purdy is one of my favorite authors--her A Piece of Cake is one of my best purchases (for the Black Forest Cake recipe alone this book is worth it!).

This is made using a child's sandcastle mold--you know, the kind you take to the beach. Only this one was filled with vanilla ice cream and allowed to freeze to harden the shape. It was then unmolded and covered with cinnamon sugar to resemble sand. How cute is that?! It is placed in a dish of the sugar, then surrounded with candy seashells, gummi fish, etc. I love this idea.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great IDEA!!

7:59 PM  
Blogger Megs said...

hello! my little Coco turns two on Friday, and I'm going to make this cake for her! Thanks!! (You don't know me - your sandcastle came up in a google search! The bond of cakes and things delicious!!)

7:07 PM  

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