Friday, April 23, 2010

Ashlyn's Dress: Part One

Remember when I made blocks for Ashlyn's baby shower?
Well, now she's turning a year old, so I thought I'd sew a little dress.
Rather than sort through pattern books or even vintage patterns, I decided to use a pattern I already had--the jumper with bloomers pattern in Amy Butler's book, "Little Stitches for Little Ones".
I went to Beverly's Fabrics (much better quality than Joann's) looking for Amy Butler fabric (mom Amber loves her fabrics), but their selection of AB isn't what it used to be.
I had a hard time deciding, but ended up choosing Michael Miller's Rose Morning Dots--a print with fairies, pinkish-colored polka dots, and a dash of glitter.
I paired it with a coordinating stripe, in the Marabella line by Amy Hamberlin of Kati Cupcake Designs for Henry Glass Fabrics (holy cow, that's a mouthful!)
and I added a third print in the same colorway, also by Michael Miller (well, more accurately it's Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller, called Meadowsweet), called Vintage Paisley (in Blush).
It's such a strange shade of pink, I was excited to get a match.
Mom Amber loves lime green and hot pink, and this is more of an apple green with a coral, but I think she'll like it anyway.

I was going to sew French Seams, using this tutorial, but then I realized the Amy Butler pattern is lined, so it would automatically be finished inside.
I'll save the tute for another project.

I have been sewing on the outfit for several hours today, but had some problems.
I put the bloomers together, and was measuring to put the casing in the waistband, but things just didn't look right.
Oops, it was upside down.
Hello seam ripper.
Unfortunately, I had used the tiniest straight stitch and zigzag on my machine, so starting over took some time.
Even worse, the seam ripper skipped and made a hole right in the front.
I'll post my solution tomorrow....

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