Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thanks Lupe!

One morning over coffee, Lupe made me this adorable basket for my jewelry by sewing together pine needles. I definitely want to learn to do this, especially because we have the infamous Torrey Pine trees here. Lupe says that in her home town (Jalisco, Mexico), the needles are more fragrant, as well as thicker and larger--therefore fewer are needed. This is such a cool craft. She said she sold these in Mexico for 20 pesos (only $2), and made 30 of them for a family member's wedding reception, as favors that held chocolates.

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She made this one for the lady of the house.

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Those of you who regularly read my blog may remember that I recently house-sat/pet-sat for a wealthy family for three weeks while they traveled to Europe. I do this all the time, and am used to my time alone. This house, however, had gardeners, a pool guy, and a maid that worked eight hours per day, three days per week. One can't really hang out by the pool or just be lazy in pajamas while watching Court TV...when too many eyes are around. At first I was a bit put out, but I came to enjoy the maid's (Lupe's) company. We would spend mornings together and tell each other about our lives (not the easiest task when I speak English, and she speaks Spanish). I know a bit of Spanish (God knows it should be more after four semesters in college and summer school in Spain--Salamanca--but that was a couple decades ago, so I should give myself a break). It was great conversing with Lupe, because it was open and without criticism, so I felt free to speak--which is not normally the case. The man who lives here is retired, but he has a business that takes tours to Africa, so the home is furnished with a rustic, African this adorable coffee table, that looks like a hippo surfacing water:

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I took care of this cutie:

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as well as three sweetheart labs. There is nothing like the pure and utter joy they exude during a trip to the beach.

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Blogger Laura K said...

Barb - what an interesting life you lead! A new adventure around every corner! Those pine-needle baskets are adorable. I remember making them in girl scouts. Take care.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Catalyst said...

I love reading your crafty posts. They inspired me to work on one of my projects this week. I've been working on this blasted afghan for over 3 years. I know it's at least that long. Probably longer.

I'm also working on something I saw online. You cut apart plastic grocery bags to make a ball of plastic "yarn" and then crochet a recycled grocery bag to take to the store. As we're close to having an Aldi's open up near me and they charge for bags...I'm going to make a couple to take to market.

Thanks for the inspiration! :)

8:48 AM  
Blogger Barb said...

I want to make some of those bags too. I have been collecting interesting colors of grocery bags, and I purchased two patterns on ebay, as well as two totes that are already crocheted, just to be able to see them. Super sturdy. I also got some patterns on crocheting bags rugs. I love recycled crafts.

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Liz said...

What a nifty basket!

My husband would surf up and down the coast when we lived in California. Don't ask me how I know that Torrey Pines has a NUDE BEACH. "BLUSH"

Or at least it did way back when I was much thinner. :}

11:27 PM  

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