Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More gimmes and gotta haves

Nothing like window shopping to ease my mood a bit. This skirt reminds me of the apron Kath just sent me. I am digging the new Boden catalog--like anthropologie, but friendlier. Just sayin'.

They also have this boiled woil cardigan--a classic never out of style wonder. It's actually a big deal that I'm looking at clothes. I've never even liked shopping for clothes. I always liked dressing in jeans or shorts and tees. I spend my money on other things, like kitchen stuff, books, and fabric. But, like I said in a recent post, it's as if my clothes aren't my own anymore. I need something new to reflect the new me. I need more "grown-up" clothes that are still comfortable and fun.

This company, Weekenders, appeals to me also. Fabrics for travel can scrunch up and not wrinkle. Simple knit flowing skirts and simple lines. I like it.

I have decided to cancel my Locals Thursday and Fabulous Friday posts for now--at least until I get a digital camera. I'll continue with Woof Nanny Speaks on Mondays, because it brings back a doggie theme to the blog that I rather enjoy. Well, I have to go back to work today, so I'd better get ready. At least it's in the department I enjoy today. Part of the day should be slow enough to allow me to continue reading Eldest, by Christopher Paolini. Juvenile, you say? I beg to differ! It's right up there with Chronicles of Narnia, and better than Harry Potter.



Anonymous Dana said...

I absolutely love that skirt in the first pic. Thanks for posting that pic. I may try to use that design on a scarf or skirt in the future.

3:58 AM  

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