Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sideways find


I went back to the thrift store today for half price day, hoping to find the accordian sewing box I saw yesterday (I was too late) and the three bags of neckties (gone also). I did, however, pick up the jacket my mom liked, and an amazing pair of Italian lambskin sandals that look brand new. So badly wanted the Merrill mary janes but they were too big. Picked up a sheet to use for fabric for Tie One On, after seeing the ridiculous prices at Joanns last night. If I wanted to pay $10 yard for fabric, I'd go to a quality quilt shop, not Joanns. And not for an apron. Anyway, I couldn't resist these weird sideways jeans (pictured is the front! They are manufactured as if they were laid out sideways. I love funky crap like this. I love deconstructed and reconstructed stuff too. These are by a company called Janes Army). Not my size, but I figure I can turn them into a bag (yeah, I know, too bad the bag challenge just ended. That's okay). Posted by Picasa

back view, and side "fly" closure!

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Blogger Balwearie said...

Whoa.... looks like you got quite the haul this weekend. I need to go thrifting sometime soon. Maybe after Christmas. I adore the little carrot fabric (what a steal) and the jeans are a hoot!

4:51 AM  

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