Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yay, school!

I am a continual student. I try to keep learning, test my comfort zone, add a new skill. I am currently on the lookout for a collage class. In my search, I came across workshop's on The Artist's Way. Wow. They start up again in January. It's so cool that inspirational authors have programs to teach facilitators to spread their "gospel" to others in cities around the world. My friend debs used to work with Barbara Sher, who wrote a book called Wishcraft, about finding your dream job. Martha Beck does the same with her North Star ideas. I'm going to look into a media transfer one-day workshop, and hope it's not too expensive. I found out too late about a multi-media class at the Music and Arts library, so I'm praying this will be offered again next time around. I just found out about this building, and I have lived in San Diego almost my entire life. Go figure. Sometimes the freebies in front of the art store offer a wealth of information (advertising of workshops). And I need to keep stabbing away at my bachelors degree. Art is impacted at San Diego State, and my grades would probably preclude my entry anyway. I am capable of being number one in the class, but I bore easily, and if I am not motivated I tend to just stop attending. Hence my poor grade point average (unattended classes equal 'F'). So I will probably continue to take fun classes (more sculpture with my favorite instructor), and maybe another writing course. But then there's a pattern construction class at Mesa College....
So many choices...


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