Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gimmes and Gotta Haves

The best thing about the end of the year is all the yummy window shopping one can do in catalogs. So much fun stuff out there, and now that I have a blog--well, why not share it? I'm thinking of structuring my blog a bit. I'm thinking of devoting certain days of the week to things.
I'm thinking a Locals Thursday post, featuring something in San Diego to showcase (a place to visit, a quiet space, a place to shop, a place to eat...).
Maybe I can have Fabulous Friday, where I share something warm and wonderful--a treat of some kind to make oneself feel more beautiful. Something already discussed in the French Chic group I'm a member of.
For Monday, Woof Nanny Speaks (get it? woof...speak. Yeah) featuring a pet-related tip such as a toy I like, or something about the dog I'm caring for that week (thanks for the idea, Laura).
And then thrown throughout the lot (because one mustn't be TOO organized...all these fun gimmes and gotta haves. Ala the style of Red Current.

Like this funky "Charmed Life" ring from the glorious Sundance catalog.
ringIf I had a lot of money, oh what I could do with that catalog.

These fun, fun, fun Carmen Miranda martini glasses.

I adore Julia Junkin stuff. I want her Queen apron (my friends all got her Queen tea towels one Christmas) and this fun Chocolate one.

Hmmm...this shop, Murge Designs looks interesting.

I love Sue Zipkin designs (on Sango dishes). I have her birds and bees bowls. I love these Sangria goblets.
Here's some of her mosaic designs. Zipkin tiles from broken plates are available on ebay. I made a bird feeder with the birds and bees design.



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