Friday, November 04, 2005

More stuff this week

A fun quote from a yahoo group I am a part of. I will keep the author anonymous.
"I should add - whenever my mother isn't feeling very "fabulous", she'll wear a silver tiara around the house - not kidding either! She really puts it on and goes about her business in a tiara. We should all do that."
There's something lovely and silly about this idea that appeals to me.

I am crushed that that magazine Organic Style is going to cease publishing. I really love that magazine. What a shame.

My God I could just go nuts over at Anthropologie. Diggin' this cupcake ornament. I'm a sucker for ornaments. Buy myself one (or two...or ten) every year.
Cupcake ornament

And this Tea and Crumpet one.
Tea and Crumpet Ornament

Tiny orange trees--how cute are these?! As posting on Heidi Swanson's phenomenal website.

I wrote a review of a folk artist this week, and I felt bad to be so harsh, but I had to be honest. To me, she sounded like a bad drag queen. Ouch. I couched it in art being subjective, blah...blah...blah. I am much better at taking criticism now, and better at honestly handing it out. So that's one positive at least.

I went to Dog Beach today at sunset. It was such a magical time of day that I composed a poem in my head--now I'll have to see if I can put it to paper. I never write poems, but I feel inspired. If I come up with something I am happy with, I will share it sometime this weekend.


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