Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Well, it's getting late on Halloween, and it's about time to turn the porch light off. I have tons of cookies and toys left over, but better to have too much than not enough. The last group that came by included a little guy in a devil suit. He hung to the back and wasn't pushing in to get a choice. I made sure he got something, and then he turned to walk away. His mom said, "did you say thank you?". He just matter-of-factly said, "no", and kept walking. The look of mortification on the mom's face was priceless. I had to laugh, so she laughed in return. Some of the costumes were quite inventive--McDonalds fries, a red crayon, some funky riding a horse type thing...but the itty bitty princesses are my favorite. One older girl (6th grade, I'll guess) was far too sexy and dramatic in her sequined cut-out devil suit. Hmmm...trouble brewing ahead for that one. Funny how easy it all is to see now.

Last night I made homemade carmel corn, so I'll be posting the recipe for that (and pics) in a few days when I'm back at my computer (I'm house-sitting right now). It was funny today, because I work in the cash vault with another girl who used to be my roommate before she got married. This recipe happens to be her mom's. When I gave her the carmel corn today, it was like Christmas! She was thrilled. I have never seen someone so thoroughly and quickly stuff their face. Literally. She was trying to answer the phone with mumbled mouthfuls. "Caaghhhhhtnn I haaaaeeelp you?" Pretty damned funny.

Overall it was a rather pleasant day. Nice, well-mannered kids. A far cry from the brats who destroyed my pumpkin once upon a time. It has been far too long since I've carved a pumpkin. Think I'll try some new pumpkin bread recipes soon. That sounds yummy.


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