Friday, October 28, 2005

San Diego Quilt Show (updated)

Finally, I am posting about the September quilt show. The annual quilt show is held downtown at the Convention Center.

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The architecture of the structure fascinates me--it is intended to represent a ship, with portholes and "sails".

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Here are some of the entries that I found interesting or inspiring:

This phenomenal frog quilt that loses its brilliance in the photo. I voted it my pick for "people's choice" favorite of the show. Frogs at Play, by Patsy Blackburn. Appliqued and embroidered, including embroidery with beads. 46" x 46" wall hanging. Posted by Picasa

This simple pennant-like design that would be a great way to utilize scraps. This one is titles Dave's Favorite Things, by Laura Medbery. Pattern from a quilt magazine, and fabrics depict things her husband enjoys. 66" x 84". Posted by Picasa

Dia de Los Muertos design.
Day of the Dead Fiesta, by Alicia Williams. Hand-dyed border, appliqued flowers, traditional bright colors. 50" x 57". Posted by Picasa

Adorable pineapples quilt--strip pieced almost like a log cabin. I love this design. If I'm reading my notes correctly, this is Sunshine Pineapple Quilt, by Judy Crowley. Pattern by Vicki Stratton and Barbara Jones. 42" x 59". Posted by Picasa

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Tons more pics to share. I'll post more another day....


Anonymous Gina Halladay said...

I did not get a chance to get to the San Diego quilt show... I heard great things about it! But I did make to the International Quilt Market in Houston last may be interested in my blog...I met some cool designers and saw wonderful fabric lines for spring...

10:07 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

The frog quilt is amazing! It's definitely not traditional, but is beautiful.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks nancy for posting the pictures. i too didn't get down there this year. your effort gave me a sneek peek. chris in S.D.

2:54 PM  

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