Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thoughts for today

I joined a group on yahoo that has made a huge impact on me in a short period of time. It's like a networking group, because everyone is so uplifting and supportive. Oprah has online seminars, and one of the things she suggests women do is join "girl groups". Learn new things, new ideas, and get a support base going to push you toward a goal. This group is about French Chic, but it is so much more. I was telling everyone about this pewter magic wand I saw a couple of years ago that had all these inspirational words all over it. When I saw it in a gift shop, I didn't have $30 available, and when I returned, they were no longer carrying the item . It still haunts me. It is made by Silvestri. Anyway, one of the girls on the yahoo group posted a link to magic wands, and on the same site, these incredible faerie items.

Same site as above: an inspirational bracelet.

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As I go, I am wearing you” . . . An African saying that has to do with each of us knowingly, or not, affecting and impacting each person we come in contact with. $114

I just read the story behind this site, and turns out she was inspired by her dog...so OF COURSE I find it inspirational!

Other stuff today, not quite so inspirational, but overall okay anyway:
I work customer service sometimes, and today a customer completely psycho'ed on me. She was yelling and screaming and her reaction was so out-of-proportion, one has to wonder what triggered this kind of anger. I am proud of myself that I can just shake that kind of nonsense away now, and pity the fact that she is living her life in such a style.

Dinner was amazing tonight. Chile relleno burrito from Cotixan (for those of you in San Diego, it's the one in Clairemont by Hungry Stick versus the one on Genesee), with beans, cheese, and mexican crema inside. I ate it typical California style (while driving in my car) and made "yummy" sounds the entire time!

I really have to come up with the cash to see Chita Rivera: A Dancer's Life before it goes to Broadway. Last show is this Sunday.

I highly recommend reading Finding your own North Star, by Martha Beck.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this site. Thank you so much for posting. I came to your site through the links at crafting Japanese. I fell in love with the ring that has the quote "I am glad you were born...". I would love to have two of these to stack on one finger, that would be sweet for a Mother's ring. I am going to show them to my hubby and tell him I want this for Mother's day.


4:25 AM  
Blogger Catalyst said...

Sorry somebody blew up at you. My husband works retail at Target and has worked almost all the departments at some point. The stories he brings home are almost unbelievable. The things people will say and do are horrible. There's a reason why Target doesn't have customers...they have "guests". Guests that get out of line are escorted to the exit just as you would an unwelcome houseguest. There have always been rude people, but society seems to be moving in a more "casual" direction and manners have just gone out the door. How people who work customer service and retail full time I'll never know. I don't react to rudeness very well.

PS. I have decided to dust off my sewing machine and get back on the horse. I've got a makeshift sewing table set up and I'm going to set up my machine and do some maintenance tonight. I've got to get started on husbands "car" quilt after seeing those pics of the show you posted.
email: catalyst27(leave-out)@hotmail.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the bracelet is to die for! leave it to YOU to find it.


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Blogger marina said...

You have a wonderful job! how lucky you must be!In spain doesn´t exist this job, if it would exist, I would be pet nanny too!

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