Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I'm not able to post pics tonight, so you'll have to do some reading instead.
Interesting article on rock art. I have seen this in Mexico, but didn't realize it was in my own backyard too.

Found out I didn't get a posting at work (we're Teamsters, and we have to bid for things). I didn't get upset at all, because I really do think that shortly I will be elsewhere, up to bigger and better things. I can feel it.

When I showed up for work today, one of my co-workers had purchased this beautiful giftwrap for me as a "just because" random act of kindness. It is high quality, with a dog and cat print. How nice! How wonderful! I buy all my doggie and kitty clients Christmas gifts, so I can use this paper to wrap their goodies in.

I had a dream last night about blogging. I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do, they are wildly creative. Last night I dreamt that blogging meant handwritten pages posted on walls. People were coming by to read what I wrote and look at the printed pictures....and then they were throwing the papers to the ground, thereby preventing others from reading (like the customers at my workplace that look at an article of clothing, then leave it in a huge heap for others to fold). There were huge piles of paper to meander through...from all these bloggers, and the discourteous readers who prevented others from being able to see the pages. Not sure what that means, but it seems interesting.

Went for coffee with my friend debs a few days ago. Nothing like conversation with a friend to recharge the batteries. to the coffee Yep, that's perfection right there.

Hmmm....I may have to check out these bath products.

I heard about some very creative Halloween costumes.
*One guy I know said his doorbell rang, and when he opened the door, a trashcan was sitting there. He thought maybe a neighbor was playing a practical joke. Turns out a kid had cut the bottom out, so was able to walk up, then crouch down and make it look like a full can was there. Open up the lid, and BOO!
*One of my managers told me a girl showed up to her house as a Lego cube.
*The husband of one of my co-workers owns a surf shop, and they had a costume contest in a surf-related theme, in which the first prize was a new surfboard. The winner was a buoy--complete with a bird at the top, and bird crap. Hysterical. My co-worker deemed it "soooo worthy". Oh! And she also had a cowbell atop her head (not sure if it was a cone, or what), with the perfect clang-clang...clang-clang.
*Same co-worker above, said one of her daughter's friends went as Cindy Lou Who, and somehow attached a coke bottle to the top of her head then piled her hair up around it in a tower.
*Another friend (a boy) dressed in a blond wig, wore a hat that said "Vote for Donna", and carried a cigarette (i.e. Donna Frye, who is running for mayor in San Diego. I hope she wins. I'm not allowed to vote because I live in San Diego County versus the City).
*A website I visit where the author attended a Neverland party (anything associated with the Jackson trial). She went as the chick who sat outside and released doves. (Oct 30 post)
*I love the Little Red Riding Hood theme in Amy's family.
*I like how Susie makes her own rules. You have a lame costume, and she's like the Soup Nazi: no candy for you!

Californians, please vote yes on Propostions 74, 75, 76, 77. The teacher's union is lying in their ads. Regardless of the fact that I'm a union member(the unions are sticking together on this), and have been for over 20 years, I am following my gut on this one. And the redistricting is very, very important--it's the reason for this election in the first place. Read the literature, and don't listen to the lies. It should be illegal to broadcast such confusing nonsense.


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