Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Handmade Christmas Card, 2000

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This is one of two Christmas cards that I made using photographs of myself as a child. This one in front of the obligatory silver tree, with my Shrinking Violet doll. Tinsel is added as an embellishment. The card itself is blue cardstock with a silver foil paper accent on top of that, and a message rubber stamped inside with silvery sparkly ink, saying Merry Christmas.

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Card is also signed by me in glitter gel pen, but it's not coming out in the scan
I also like the cards that sew the photos to paper. I really like the memory magic here. I have another one planned for this year, if I can get my act together. My apologies to Bags of Fun--I never got my submission in. I have not been feeling very crafty lately for some reason.


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Now I see it! Very nice tree!

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