Saturday, December 10, 2005

More festivities

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My mom and I went to the annual Christmas festival in La Mesa tonight. The shops stay open later, there are llamas for kids to ride, and a carriage pulled by Clydesdales, fire pits in the streets, people in Victorian costume, and (my favorite) a barbersharp quartet of carrolers. I love the simple things like that. I purchased this wooden box with incised cherries made by a burning tool. I'm a sucker for cherry stuff (and pineapple stuff, but that's another story). It was perfect when I set it aside to go the ATM, and sometime in between then and the time I got it home...a piece on the top got nicked. Grrr...
It's still lovely though--I can see it holding favorite recipes or something.

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The sides are decorated as well, and the back is the checkerboard. The front is a large leaf pattern on one side, and cherries on the other, with a pretty clasp in the center. Yes, yet another treat for moi. No wonder I never have any money! The box is a good size: 5.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches.


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very nice! I am actually going to be teaching myself burn burning art very soon. And as a side note..How did you get your picassa to let you blog more than one picture? Did you use the "blog this" function? Everytime I try to get it to do a second picture it erases the first one! please let me know, write me back at my email.

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