Thursday, January 05, 2006

My first meme

Answering Blackbird's call...

childhood memory...Nanny pulling up an old watering can and showing me the worms underneath. Her yard was magical, with a lath house, tall flowers, a wishing well, and a fish pond. I miss her desperately.

fondest memory...days in Mexico with a man I loved. home: a cat purring and cuddled up next to me.
work: is loud and crowded and full of welcome noise.
My car: is usually talk radio, even though I said I'd never follow in my parents' footsteps like that. Sometimes it's even lounge music. Go figure. I rarely listen to music outside my car, but I love love love music.

retreat...anyplace tropical and warm, where there is good shopping and nice people to meet.

wildest dream still have children.

proudest moment
...coming through challenges a stronger person, and a person I can respect.

biggest challenge...learning to wait, versus living too much on an impulse.

alarm clock...I need to use one, I need a better one, and I always need coffee. Not a morning person. Sometimes my cat is my alarm clock (if he's hungry, he'll bite my chin or my nose)

perfect day...quality time spent with good friends.

first job...McDonalds. It was a good foundation--it taught me to keep moving, keep a fire burning, and work hard.

indulgence...too much of a lot of things. I'm not one to restrain myself. And always chocolate.

last purchase
...In-N-Out, and before that a bunch of vintage ephemera on ebay.

favorite movie...Babette's Feast.

inspiration...written words.

My getting there.

My card Visa check card. I'm all about cash now. And I'm learning how to be wiser.

Go ahead. Do your own AmEx ad.