Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tangerine Tart

When I made the tangerine marmalade that I posted about earlier, I purchased an eight-pound box of Satsumas at I had a ton of tangerines left. I figured it might be nice to make a tart. This recipe was a bit tedious to make (I left some segments whole, but on others I removed all the membranes around the segments and just used the flesh. It took forever to cut up all the fruit, because I needed five cups (FIVE!) for this recipe). Note, I substituted tangerine juice for the brandy. I had wanted to use a more complicated recipe I found that had an almond crust, but I don't have a tart pan with a removeable bottom. This recipe just called for a pie plate. It was quite good--a refreshing accompaniment to lots of types of food (I used it with spicy Thai and it was a perfect ending). Unique, that's for sure. Posted by Picasa