Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yes, yet another vintage cookbook

I'm on a roll with posting vintage cookbook stuff. I'm like that though--I get off on shopping tangents where I'll buy groups of things...then I'll go onto a different tangent. This is from McNess' Recipes from Round the World. I don't see a date, but it's got to be 20's or so, don't you think? For God's sake, a 4H cake baker! Ya gotta love this! Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa
I get the impression that McNess was a door-to-door salesman thing (like the old Jewel Tea Company that my mom talks about, where she purchased some amazing mixing bowls). They seem to have sold various unctions and cold remedies, home cleaning supplies, "cake powders", spices, etc.


Blogger Dianna in Maui said...

Love your cookbook posts. Isn't it funny that in the one for summer drinks the guy holding the drink is in a suit! :-)

1:22 PM  

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