Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stained glass and woodwork by James Hubbell

Yay, I was able to cross something off my 'gimme' list when I finally found a copy of this book featuring the work of my favorite artist/architect, James Hubbell. The book is dated 1982, featuring eighteen doors Hubbell was commissioned to design and build for an Arabian Sheikh for his home palace. With the help of assistants, the doors were completed in six months. The designs are meant to symbolize communication between east and west.

I enjoy gaining inspiration from different art mediums, and I hope you'll consider the same. So what if you don't work in glass--images may translate into your own art preference. These doors might inspire paper collage, or quilt applique, or painting...
It's interesting to view different subjects, genres, textures, artists...to learn what is out there, how things are interpretted, and generally what speaks to your soul. What truly speaks to you might come as a surprise--keep an open mind and heart.

Tomorrow, I will attend my first meeting as a volunteer for Hubbell's foundation. I'm hoping this will be a step for me to meet people with similar interests and values. I am hoping to ignite my passions. I am hoping to encounter inspiration. I am hoping to help. Posted by Picasa

I'm having some trouble with blogger tonight, so I'll just post a couple pics.
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Blogger Miss Eagle said...

I have never heard of Hubble. His work looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us and enlightening me. May all we well with you as you spend your time with the Hubble Foundation.

9:03 PM  
Blogger The Calico Cat said...

WOW! I love wood art and glass art - never married the two together though.... (my like before was more of the blown glass and turned wood bowls and boxes type - well I have always liked inlaid wood too...)

4:12 AM  
Blogger Omar Cruz said...

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9:42 AM  

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