Friday, April 14, 2006

Briercrest Park

Most of you already know that I love the work of James Hubbell. The mosaics at
Briercrest Park are new, and more work is planned here--a living maze, a scented garden, and a butterfly garden. The latter will include a stone archway in which the arch portion will be a giant butterfly.

I love that he used pyrite in the fountain. He forms organic shapes then mosaics with glass, tiles, and rough stones. Stones that one doesn't normally see in 'art'. Natural quartz chunks, for example, along with tumbled rock. Really beautiful. Hubbell is one of the few who can do many things (watercolor painting, architecture, mosaics, stained glass...) and do them all well. Nothing he touches is ever mediocre (versus the cliche about doing one thing well or a lot mediocre). Posted by Picasa


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