Friday, April 14, 2006

More shopping ideas!

My computer is having issues (so what else is new?), so I wasn't able to capture as many pics as I wanted to, but at least here's an idea. Pictured here is the kimono shoulder bag (a bit ouch on the price, but it sure is pretty to look at), Japanese cake erasers (they have ice cream ones also), and cupcake necklace. The other day when I posted about the magnetic birds, I ended up cruising more sites to find a company that used USPS rather than UPS so I could use my post office box.

I found a few, including a fun site called Sugar Pine Beauty, where I did indeed purchase a bird magnet.

The magnet as well as a bunch of other fun items are made by Pylones of Paris. Check out their site here

(I find it easiest to navigate by scrolling throught the product finder). I love the dog-shaped cake server. They also have lady-shaped graters and veggie peelers, and a fun set of mini chalkboards for labeling plants in your garden. Posted by Picasa


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