Saturday, April 15, 2006

Someone guard my wallet

{gasp} Birds on a wire. This is just downright awesome.
Must. have. purse.
From Yakpak, it also comes in green, grey, and black.

Sheesh, how cute! And cuteness for a cause, no less. There are lots of these sock coin purses out there (search ebay), but this one goes toward animal rescue. Great idea though, huh? Order here.

PS: I've posted multiple times this weekend, so make sure you scroll down and don't miss anything. My posting is usually feast or famine, and right now I'm having to hold myself back!


Blogger Pink Rocket said...

that bag is very cute! i'm sure you can make it! unless it's the fabric you're after...

9:45 PM  
Blogger Feathers said...

Oh that bird fabric would be a big hit in my house! You found some cute stuff there :)

10:38 PM  

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