Monday, April 02, 2007

Why do I keep singing "and the stars fell on Alabama...last night..."?

The stars seem to be strangely aligned, or there is some odd phenomenon occuring...
because in the last couple of weeks, I have encountered several connections with old friends.

First an email from a classmate of elementary school through high school, who happened upon an archived post of mine where I mentioned her name.
She wrote to tell me she got a kick out it.
I got a kick out of hearing from her.

An email from another friend from high school.

I was shopping in a thriftstore last week, heard "hi auntie Barbie", and turned around to see my nephew's ex-wife.
I haven't spoken with her nor have I seen her in several years.
It was nice seeing her, catching up, getting reacquainted.
Divorce can bring bad feelings and disrepair to relationships in families, but I was always grateful to her for being so kind to my parents.
Of all the people in the family, she was the only one to ever call on a whim or randomly drop by.
I really appreciated her efforts, and always will.

I called a friend (not even knowing if the number would still be valid) I have known since the 4th grade, but she moved when we were in high school.
I kept in contact with her sporadically, but the last time we spoke was in 1999.
I doubt any time will separate us again.

I reunited with a friend I have known since 7th grade. We have remained friends but day to day life had gotten in the way and I finally saw her again after two years.
Time has stood still.
I watched her dog last week. Her home is an image from my dreams--built in 1927, with redwood beams, built-in details, an interior courtyard, and a bay view. Sigh....

There is some special magic that connects people who have grown up together.
I have been so fortunate in my life to have had some long-term, battery-charging, friendships that offered so many memorable moments.
That still do.
I want to surround myself with the salt of the earth.
It's soul-warming.



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