Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been tagged

Crafty Gurlz Mum tagged me to discuss seven random things about myself. Ooh, at the risk of sounding insane, I'm going to be honest.

1) I'm going to give away my age here, but this is so odd I have to mention it. When I was a kid in elementary school, my friends Anna or Sue and I entertained ourselves by staging scary scenes around the house. We would lead one another, blindfolded...anticipating a scream.

Uh, we used REAL KNIVES, people.

Little vignettes of Chatty Cathy being murdered.
How lovely.

Hmmm...too bad we didn't take the idea to Hollywood. This was pre-Chuckie but we had definitely been influenced by 'Talking Tina' on the Twilight Zone, and some other scary dolls that were on Night Gallery.
By 5th grade, I was locking my dolls in a cabinet at night. Heaven forbid they'd come to life and attack me.
It's a Small World at Disneyland was even creepy.

When we weren't staging murder scenes, we closed ourselves up in a dark bathroom and screamed at my glow-in-the-dark skull (a Disneyland trinket from the Jungle Cruise area). My mom labeled HER weird--evidently she was in denial about me.

When Sue's staged events starting including words about Satan, it was too much for me. We stopped playing that game.

For the most part, dolls creep me out to this day.
I have always had an overactive imagination.

2) Speaking of overactive imagination, the movie Jaws did a number on me too. I stopped swimming in the ocean. I'm an excellent swimmer, and occasionally I'll force myself to swim a half mile in La Jolla Cove, but it terrifies me. I went kayaking in the Cove once, and was surrounded by sea lions. I love sea lions, but not right next to me like that. The idea of creatures swimming next to me is my hugest fear.

The house I lived in growing up had a pool with a plaster dolphin on one side. When I swam alone, I was positive the damn thing was really a shark and would come to life...chasing me.

3) Well, while I'm talking about fear, I may as well just keep going...
Sometimes I fear the dark. I am a dog-sitter, often sleeping in strange homes alone, and I have a tendency to watch crime and forensic shows all the time. Hmmm, add in my imagination, and sometimes I get creeped. Depends on whether or not I'm with a good watch dog. I refuse most jobs that use dog crates. I don't believe it's a 'safe' zone or any of the other nonsense reasons. Would you want to sleep in a cage? Yeah, me neither. Too, how is a dog supposed to do his job (protecting) if he's locked up? Hello...stupidity. I have convinced clients to toss the crates, and now only sit for people who crate during potty training.

4) Clutter makes me comfortable. If a house is too sterile, too clean, too simple, too stark...it lacks personality.

5) I have a hard time keeping up with reading all my magazines and throwing them out in a timely manner. I used to plead, "but I'm an artist! Artists NEED images...". Yeah, whatever. I am drowning in old magazines that need sorting through.

6) Surprisingly to some, I do not support Canine Companion animals. I find them to be, overall, a sad lot. I completely abhor the no-touching-its-working mantra. Dogs are intelligent beings--they understand when to play and when to work. I once saw an exhibition of police dogs demonstrate that concept--it was amazing to watch. If a dog chooses to help a disabled person, and that person doesn't mind other people coming up and saying hello, etc...well, that's okay. But I've seen too many grotesque examples, so, sorry...but I don't back them. Overall I am more pro-animal than people. Hey, it takes all kinds to make the world a balanced place. You focus on your pet project, and I'll focus on mine. Ditto lab testing on animals--no call for it, for ANY reason. Period. And don't bother to blast me with negative comments--there is no changing my mind.

7) I have mentioned this on my 100 things page, but I'll say it again. I like bugs (Melinda is shivering right now after reading her latest blog post, I stand corrected). June bugs are my favorite. And bumble bees, and honey bees, and ladybugs. Not cockroaches or silverfish, but most anything else. I have loved them forever. Maybe I should have been an entomologist.

I won't be tagging anyone, but feel free to post seven random things about yourself on your blogs too.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I support the concept of canine companions, but I'm with you on the "do not touch" issue. And fully with you on the animal testing.

And my house is completely cluttered. You'd be right at home (except for the crates); any chance you'll be moving to minneapolis anytime soon? :-)

5:53 PM  

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