Saturday, August 18, 2007


Ever the champagne taste, beer pocketbook....
I haven't mentioned shopping ideas in awhile.

Whoever is lucky enough to be the person who writes about stuff like this for major, what a dream job!
Just cruising sites and catalogs and shops and showcasing fun stuff.
Man, that would be cool.

Anyway, I can't help drooling over a bunch of goodies.

Monkey measuring spoons from Gooseberry Patch.

Spider towels, also from Gooseberry Patch.

I finally bought this print that has been on my 'gimme' list forever--Come on In, by AshleyG (etsy).

This recipe for strawberry tarts looks yummy.
One of a gazillion I have on my 'to do' list.
I love the cooking sites that include reader reviews and have a place to keep your recipes in an online recipe box.

Speaking of food, I'm craving me some Dakine style...
gotta have macaroni salad (sans tuna or artificial crab...eewww).

Ooh, how about a refreshing Pomegranate Cosmopolitan?
Several recipes are available online. Here's one version.

Fun site by Lisa Butler, called Spinning Tails, about spinning dog hair (something I really do want to learn how to do).

Also just a quick note here to say how lovely it was meeting Laura K of Blogging Project Runway and her daughter Kaitlin this weekend.
I wish we had more time to talk, but I'm sure there will be many opportunities in the future.
It's fun to finally meet blogging pals!
Laura, by the way, is gorgeous and so so sweet--even more so than her blogs indicate.

I was hoping to hook up with Jen of The Felt Mouse also, but it was not to be.
Hopefully soon for her luau party.

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Blogger Laura K said...

Hi Barb! It was wonderful to finally meet you in person although you have been a dear friend for years. You are exactly as I imagined.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal said...

Oooh the spider towel is sooooo cute!

3:35 PM  

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