Thursday, October 04, 2007

Photo Friday (a day early)

Me and Gaylord
Me and Gaylord
Note the bandaged left knee where I still carry a scar.

I was dancing with one of my brothers (meaning he was moving around and I was standing on the top of his feet. This brother is 13 years older than me).
He was playing around, and threw me into the air so I'd land on the bed.
Except my knee hit the metal foot post, and required a visit to the doctor for stitches.

In my family, any time you were sick (or in this case, injured), you got a toy.
For a cut bad enough to require stitches, I was allowed to go to the store and pick out anything I wanted.
With three older brothers, I actually got to do that a lot.

Anyway, I picked Gaylord--a battery operated dog that walked.
I loved him.
I wish I knew what happened to him, because I certainly would never have parted with him

Gaylord dogs now sell on ebay for over $300.
Ideal has released a new reproduction, however.
I posted this same story and another pic of me and Gaylord in a previous post.



Blogger Pattie - Chicagoland, IL said...

It is a standing joke in my home that if you are going to the doctor, someone will always say, "So will you buy me a G.I. Joe after?" You can also substitute a Barbie in there.

I never remember getting a toy for doctor visits when I was little though. I was so terrified by doctors back then that my parents were probably worn out by the experience, and hitting the toy store afterwards didn't enter their minds. :-)

9:40 AM  

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