Friday, February 15, 2008

Photobooth Friday

Andrea inspired Photobooth Friday.
She says, "the very thought of squeezing into a tiny booth with my family and taking home a souvenir strip or two (or TWENTY) makes me all giddy-like inside."
She wrote project #131

I am so thankful that I grew up in the days of the old analog booths.
My childhood is filled with fond memories of drugstore booth shots, and of cramming into fair booths with groups of friends.
The newer digital booths don't hold the same charm.
And I'm definitely not talking about Apple Photobooth programs either.

This is nostalgia, childhood memories, a piece of past I hope we can keep alive.
Wikipedia info.
More history.

If you want to find photobooth locations near you (both old and new-type machines), click on the locator section of the Photobooth Blog.

Recent NY Times article about photobooths.

"Photobooth: Timeless Self-Portrait Vending Machine", by Tim Garrett.

Collections of images:
*The Photobooth Chronicles
*Wade's Photobooth Gallery
*Startling Moniker
*Lost and Found photos website
*Found Photos
*Photobooth Project
*Flickr Photobooth group
*Flickr Photobooth Friday group

Stumble Upon is a website that offers photobooth-related links, and a chance to meet other people that also love photobooths.

Photobooths in Pop, by Mixup

Books available:
Photobooth by Babette Hines.
And American Photobooth, by Nakki Goranin and David Haberstich.

Build your own: DIY on Instructables.

The Expressive Photobooth, a sort-of Candid Camera/Punk'd-type prank thing.

Or, for a wedding or big party, you can rent a photobooth.
Or here is another company that rents booths. Vintage booth rental here. Several companies are available--check the web.
Ha! There's even the Photoboof!
Wouldn't that be cool?!

Items to buy:
*Stained glass picture frames from Whispering Willow
*Handmade albums for your booth strips, from
the etsy shop of Freckled Nest
*Necklace frame from Fred Flare

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Blogger kristen said...

i'm here from andrea and this post sent chills up and down, there's so much goodness here.

thank you for the links - they are fantastic and so is all of your research.

i'm so boothing this week!

7:16 AM  

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